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Lars Arthur Johansen

Kristoffer Hegge

Sten Bjertnes



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Nordic junior prize giving

Girls Prize Giving

1. Denmark

2. Norway

U20 Prize giving

1. Sweden

2. Norway

3. Finland

U25 prizegiving


2. Denmark

3. Sweden



Close race in the U25 final

Denmark increased the lead in the beginning of the last session. They were ahead by 19 imp when this board appeared.

As you see the auction was quite similar, but it looks like there was a misunderstanding with 3 spade for the danes when Jepsen decided to bid 4 spades rather than 4 hearts. Skjetne led his queen of diamond, small, small small. He switched to a club, and when Grude cashed his Ace of diamond they made the perfect defence for down 2. 13 Imps to Norway when 4 hearts by North is unbeatable. 

Norway U25 won the NBU trophy


Norway U25 won the NBU trophy for the second time in a row by winning the Round Robin in the Nordic Championship. Congratulations to the winners Tor Eivind Grude, Erlend Skjetne, Harald Eide and Kristian Barstad Ellingsen.


Also congratulations to the butler winners, Majka Bilde and Peter Jepsen (playing against Rosaline Barendregt and Ynge Lamo in the opening tourney).


Lucky bidding to the top contract

In the match between Norway U25 and Sweden U20, Norway found a lucky way to the top contract at board 4


Skjetne meant the 4 heart bid as a suggestion for contract, Grude took that bid as a cue-bid. Mikael got punished for his double of 6 hearts when Skjetne made the 6NT bid, which was the top contract. 10 seconds later, Skjetne noted the score 1680 at his side of the score chart.