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Dear team captains, players and spectators.

Welcome to the blog from the Nordic Championship for Junior 2013. This year we are fortunate that we have three classes in the Nordic Championships, U25, U20 and girls' class, nine teams are participating this year: The first part is a regular Round Robin with 9 matches of 14 boards, where the winning team of the Round Robin gets the NBU trophy. After NBU trophy is settled, there will be a final game over 42 boards to determine
the winners of each class. Schedule and the fixtures for the championship's on www.bridge.no.

On this blog, there will be photos, interesting boards and other exciting reading material, and  this blog will be like a bulletin during the championship. If there is something you miss in the blog, just give us a message via e-mail, telephone or BBO (BBO-nicks: larsarthur or hagz).