Round Robin match 1, Norway U25 vs Denmark U25




Lars Arthur Johansen

Kristoffer Hegge

Sten Bjertnes



Man Tir Ons Tor Fre Lør Søn
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Board 13


In the match between Norway U25 and Denmark U25 both tables had the same bidding to 4 hearts. At both tables east led the six of clubs. dummy unblocked the nine, west playing the ten and north the Ace. The winning line for this contract is to play a heart to the Ace and another heart, making the contract if the hearts are 3-2. Neither of the tables did that, they both played heart to the Queen, even though the odds are 68% for 3-2 and 50% for the heart finesse working (am I missing something??). But this will be the winning line if the heart is 4-1 with single heart 4 behind dummy. After winning the trick with the king of heart, Emil Jepsen in the open room played the heart jack and Harald Eide in north made 10 tricks. In the closed room, Erlend Skjetne gave his partner Tor Eivind Grude a club ruff. After the ruff, EW made one spade trick and another heart trick. 12 worthfull IMPS to Norway U25.